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Our medspa San Antonio daily hair growth supplement is made for women 18-44 who are experiencing signs of hair thinning. Physician-formulated with medical-grade, natural ingredients to target root causes of thinning such as stress, lifestyle and nutrition, our award-winning formula results in faster-growing, thicker, fuller, stronger hair. And it’s an effortless addition to your daily wellness routine: 4 pills, 1 easy step, all the results.

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    What To Expect

    • Clinically proven formulas - The Pearl Med Spa

      Clinically proven formulas

    •  Natural, medical-grade ingredients - The Pearl Med Spa

      Natural, medical-grade ingredients

    • Get results in 3-6 months - The Pearl Med Spa

      Get results in 3-6 months

    Befores & Afters

    Real Results

    Natural Daily Results

    • 40%

      Of Women Affected*
    • 90%

      Saw Improvement*
    • 84%

      Saw Less Shedding*
    *On average

    Frequently Asked Questions

    In our clinical study, women showed results in 3-6 months.

    For women, stress is a major root cause of poor hair growth. Hormones also play a significant role for women due to fluctuations throughout life, especially during and after childbirth when estrogen and progesterone decline and cortisol increases by over 200%. Follicles are also damaged by metabolic changes, nutritional deficits, and environmental exposure including overstyling, chemicals, and heat.

    Nutrafol was formulated to promote hair growth for all types of hair. While the characteristics of hair strands may vary by ethnicity, the underlying root causes that affect hair follicles can affect all people equally.

    In a recent clinical study, we examined the effectiveness of Nutrafol in African American, Asian, Hispanic, and Non Hispanic men and women. All ethnicities saw less shedding after two months and improved thickness, growth rate, scalp coverage, and shine after six months.

    In short, we provide hair growth solutions that are personalized specifically for you and formulated with natural, 100% drug-free ingredients backed by clinical studies and published ingredient research, whereas many supplements are not clinically tested. Other supplements have variable potency and are poorly absorbed.

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